List of members

Dear Sir,
We together with our following associates have the pleasure in applying for the Membership of BDAI as per following details:

Details of the Applicant Company:
  • We are Manufacturer of Bio-fuel / Machine supplier / PSU / Financial group / Supplier of chemicals/NGO / Environmentalist / Agriculturalist, Farmers Society or Government body/others

  • (Please attach the latest photo of the applicant as well as of the associates and forward with your subscription by a cheque or a demand draft in favour of Bio diesel association of India , Payable at par as per the details given on our website


    Bio Diesel Association of India

    Suite no. 817, Samarth Aishwarya, Lokhandwala, Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400053, Maharashtra, India.

    Tel 91-22-26333477


    This application was put up to the Screening/ Executive Committee meeting held on


    In __________________________ and formally accepted for admission/rejected due to ____________________________________ This member belongs to East/ West/ North/ South Zone.

    _____________________,____________________, ____________________

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